Giusto Manetti Battiloro, genuine gold and silver leaf producer since 1600, offers a wide range of genuine gold leaves, in various colours and thickness to offer a response to different applications and uses.

Edible gold

The use of gold as a food for sacral purposes originated in the East about 5,000 years ago. Used in this sense both in China and in Japan, various testimonies tell us of its vast use as “votive” food at the time of the ancient Egyptians.

Gold Chef

After having lost track of it for a few centuries, we find it, purely for decorative purposes, in Renaissance Europe of the fifteenth century, widely experienced during the banquets organized by the Lords and Courts of the time.
Practice so widespread as to force the City Council of the city of Padua in 1500 to impose a limit on its use.
Today Giusto Manetti Battiloro, with its Gold Chef product line, rediscovers the ancient Florentine tradition, with a range of 23 kt food gold and food silver in innovative formats, designed and made to facilitate the gaskets in the kitchen, from the preparation phase of the plate to that of the final decoration directly on the table.
Gold Chef products are ideal for the decoration of fine dishes at gala dinners, celebrations, events, weddings. Also used in the cake design sector (the art of cake decoration), they are widely used for the toppings and decorations of drinks, liqueurs and cocktails: ideal for an aperitif or a high class after dinner.
The alimentary gold leaf and the Manetti food silver leaf are certified by LGA as conforming to European standards and can be used as food colouring in the decoration of drinks, cakes and drinks.