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MONIN Challenge cup Competition 2021

MONIN IRAQ has the honor to announce the first MONIN Challenge Cup Competition hosted by Erbil, Iraq. The competition is divided into two rounds: a playoff and a final.
The first stage is remotely. Every barista sends his own video of 59 seconds showing his expertise and skills and telling the story of his drink
The 12 best videos will be selected for the finals MONIN CHALLENGE CUP Day,
the 12 finalists will compete on the ground during the day of competition : on October 2021
To determine the Monin Champion What do you think of a visa for France with a cash prize !!
the conditions:
➢ Age limit: 21-37 years
➢ Your outlet must be using MONIN and no other competitive brand
➢ Only bartender and barista per outlets can compete
Background: The story behind the cocktail
Authenticity: Originality, ingredients used etc.
Technique: Use of appropriate techniques, cleanliness
Appearance: Garnish, ice, type of glass, overall look
Presentation: Presentation of the drink, style as a bartender etc.
We are waiting for you with everything new and special

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